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The biggest MISTAKE I made

I’ve made many mistakes and weird things in my life, but there’s a single one which stands out. Without it, I would have made many different choices in my life, I would have acted differently and seen the world differently. Without it, I would have been an unstoppable force of good, much earlier in my life and I would have probably been able to help many more people and bring my vision to reality much faster.

The biggest mistake I made was ‘NOT believing in myself and in my infinite potential’. I was on many levels defined by my family, family’s history, my childhood friends, social standards, my country, being a female, my own stories about myself, etc. I had developed certain success formulas in my childhood, which worked for me to achieve ‘success’ as socially accepted, such as ‘working hard’. Bottom line was that the ‘working hard’ was over-compensating for my own lack of trust in myself & lack of confidence in my own intellect, physical beauty and ability to navigate reality and achieve real and authentic success.

I had several life changing moments in my life in the past years that helped me gain much more clarity. Most of them were intuitively selected coaching processes through which I found what I was looking for: my true self, my innate power & what I’m here to do in this physical realm. What a relief to have that information; integrate it and now happily working on its manifestation.

What transformed in that process is my trust in myself, and looking back at it here’s what helped me do it:

  1. I got really clear on my what I’m good at and what I suck at

  2. I got real about my pain and unhappiness & went to the root cause of it

  3. I was able to get real about myself, often I played ‘the overcompensated self’ character, which had many consequences on my life

  4. I translated my pain into passion, realizing that the journey I’ve been on makes complete sense & was necessary for my expansion

  5. I was able to see my own uniqueness & have this inner knowing that no one else can demonstrate certain things or serve certain people like I can

  6. Finally, I got clear about my needs to manifest my highest, ever-evolving vision & I went on to get help + take action.

Believing in ourselves, which often involves overcoming our own stories of who we are, makes our wildest dreams come true!

To dreams coming true!


Founder, EPIC Humans Collective



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