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How to create from your essence (infinite potential) & not the limited self?

Who's running the show, the real you or the limiting beliefs you fixated on since childhood and you're proving them over and over again through creating such experiences?

During childhood, we all created certain fixations, beliefs, which are now forming the unconscious structure through which we see life, filter life and even create/destruct. We create an image of self, full of misconceptions. We had to create some fixations, so we can identify self, protect self somehow.

During my life, relationships and re-occuring cycles have been the biggest pointer as to where I am at and what I'm actually creating. The most challenging ones are the ones with close people, loved ones. Have you noticed that some cycles just keep on repeating with the same people, and the outcome is always the same? Let's say one person has the story 'I'm not supported' and the other person has the story 'I do not comply - I'm the one that cannot be told what to do'. When each person is fixated on that belief, and this is happening very unconsciously, each person acts like a child. By thinking that they're doing the best they can and the other person is wrong.

The ego will twist the story, and unless we're aware of it - it can lead to let's say isolation between those two. Even worst, strengthening their beliefs on which they fixated when they were a child and even strengthening related beliefs such as: I'm not safe; I'm not loved; I'm a victim/why is this always happening to me; People are not trustworthy; etc.

The biggest learning is that we need to be so aware of those stories and beliefs playing out. When someone/something triggers us, that we can take a step back and reflect: am I trying to prove one of my destructive beliefs or am I trying to create a positive outcome for me and the other person let's say?

Bottom line is that what we think we're focused on, we're not actually focused on. We're not actually focused on creating a positive outcome. This is why one may constantly come across the same experiences in life, same experience different person or setting. And we keep on wondering why, why me, why again.... - there we go, now we're a victim.

Can a victim create?

And there's another really important point here, the moment we create destruction, do not respect someone, do not respect free will, create anxiety, isolation, blaming, including and especially ourselves - we're instantaneously part of the destructive forces here on Earth. Yes, there's destruction (dark side) and creation (light side). And yes we need to choose a side. At any point we're either creating or destroying, each of us is a channel at all times.

Some of you may drop off right here - and that's ok. This is not an easy message to digest. It took me a long time to digest this - I only digested it when I felt that I can deal with it and knew how to deal with it to a certain extend. But I got you, keep on reading and connect with me for more information on this... Each of us also has a free will and infinite power to choose our path.

Where most people fail is in the choosing of it. By not choosing, we're not taking responsibility, we're not being clear about what we want, we're giving up our free will and creating victim experiences, etc.

So how do we choose and get focused on what we really want?

How can we choose to be the creator and exercise our free will?

How do we create that positive outcome and an uplifting, blissful, joyful life in which we will grow and rise?

Here are the few things that I practice in my creator-ship:

- Be clear about what are the destructive stories/fixations and the outcomes create through those (an outcome can be: isolation; not being respected; etc)

- When I'm challenged, dealing with complicated situations and challenging relationships - I use a deconstruction process, to identify if I'm actually trying to prove my 'identity' - what I told myself I am, which is not in my highest good, nor it's true, it's just a story.

- I consciously identify destructive patterns and I observe my behaviors and use multiple tools which support me - can share by request.

- I continuously take care of my physical and energetic state, through nutrition, yoga, meditation and self-protection. Ability to protect self is IMPERATIVE. Because we live in a world where dark forces are all around us.

- I consciously and intuitively tap into my deepest desires, which are not related to my fears and insecurities, destructive beliefs, but it's really about what's my true desire, what's my vision.

- I create by aligning to the highest spiritual norms. Everything is creation. It means I live by these norms. The process of this is organic, it does not happen overnight.

- I consciously and deeply trust that there is a greater plan of the light side. I'm humble and open to see where my unique part is - we all have a unique part in the process, that we're best in. I'm willing to be a supportive part of the whole organic system and this increases the more one creates aligned to these spiritual norms and clears self from any attachments and misconceptions.

- When I see myself slipping into destruction, I just come back, I take responsibility and I move on clearer, stronger and with more tools (provided I learned the lesson ;))

My mission is to help humans create organically and find their unique place in this organic creation while living a joyful life, growing spiritually and creating beauty all around them.


- You're someone who's willing to build your own staircase to heaven.

- You're willing to take responsibility, move beyond miss-conceptions and co-dependency, and create organically, create a positive now & a positive future.

- You've been on the spiritual journey for a while, but still find yourself struggling in relationships, with lack of clarity and repeating cycles.

- You're busy, but not productive, you know you're not in your zone of genius/creator.

- You're seeking holistic clarity, radiance through confidence; and support from a wider authentic community.

I created a business based on exactly who I am & chose to be, with space for further evolution. Now is the time for humanity. I can make money from the standpoint of who I am - because I'm enough, because I'm committed to dissolve & transform all limitation and I create aligned to spiritual laws more and more every single day.


If you identify yourself in the above I want to give you an opportunity for a 20min coaching call with me for FREE. I do not expect any commitment from you, just to show up on the call and the rest we can leave up to higher forces by committing to the healthiest and best outcome for both.

Earth is a beautiful place where we can learn, grow & evolve and I truly believe this is about evolution on the other side, where we are eternal, yet there are different experiences and levels in that world too.

Where do you want to be?




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