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Creator + Visionary For a Heart-Centered Humanity

"I guide humans to reclaim their power, worth & love so they can create their highest heart-aligned timeline.

Meet Klementina

Klementina has an unwavering commitment to positive transformation. Emerging from a childhood shaped by beliefs of inadequacy and patriarchal, extractive conditionings, she embarked on a profound quest for self-discovery—a journey that led her from transcending her limiting beliefs to orchestrating multimillion-dollar projects and leading a heart-led business.

Now, she guides leaders in embodying their authentic essence, healing deep-seated patterns and blocks, and aligning with their innate gifts, so they can lead in their highest expression from the heart.


Her Vision For Humanity

In the journey of collective illumination, Klementina sees each individual as a radiant dot of light, contributing their unique brilliance to the collective tapestry of life.

She envisions a world where community thrives and every person shines brightly. Free from conditionings & traumas, and guided by the heart in every action and relationship to all.

Her Journey

With over 11 years of global experience, Klementina navigated the corporate landscape with finesse, negotiating multimillion-dollar contracts and spearheading projects for Fortune 500 companies. Her tenure at Deutsche Post DHL saw her driving tangible results, from enhancing service levels to pioneering circular economy initiatives.

In her nonprofit endeavors, Klementina's impact reverberated on a global scale. She played a pivotal role in elevating a UN Environment initiative through employing innovative fundraising strategies and forging blue economy alliances to advance the Sustainable Development Goals. While immersed in the sustainability industry, Klementina recognized the limitations of conventional approaches to addressing societal challenges and found herself drawn to exploring collective traumas. This realization became a catalyst for Klementina's personal journey of healing.


Having invested $40,000 in her own healing journey, receiving coaching from the best, she uncovered unconscious beliefs and traumas she hadn't even been aware of, a revelation common to many who believed they had a 'normal' upbringing.

This awakening inspired her to develop the HeartLight Awakening method, through which she now shares the transformative power of healing and creating from our essence with others.


The HeartLight Awakening Method

The HeartLight Awakening method empowers individuals through somatic shadow work, parts work, intuitive guidance, deep coaching and heart opening to expand their capacity to create and receive in alignment with their true heart's desires.


Clients attest to Klementina's precision in identifying and clearing inner blocks, leading to profound shifts at the core level. Through this method, individuals reclaim their worth, power, and unlock their innate gifts, aligning them with their collective purpose. From this place of worth, love, and service, one can make a bigger impact without sacrificing their health, relationships, or wealth. 

Klementina is committed to normalizing deep inner work and empowering individuals to be, relate, and act from a heart full of love so humanity can evolve in the most heat-led direction.
Heart with Wings
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