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UnifiedHeart: Transcend Shadows into Gifts, Activate Your Heart’s Light and Create with Intuition - 6 months


Embark on a transformative journey that has led hundreds of people to their true potential and purpose embodiment.

I'm here to support you in teaching your body and mind that you can achieve more of what you desire without hustling and burning out. By aligning your mind, body, and heart, you will create more space in your life and deepen your heart-led impact, while making the money you desire.

In a world where things have become out of harmony, it’s essential to root deeply as you balance your receptivity and action. For the feminine, it's about opening to receptivity while embracing your feminine potency so you can serve the world from your heart. The feminine is the one that is open to receiving without needing to hustle, and she honors the masculine. For the masculine, it's about embodying his penetrative power while remaining open to receiving from the heart, serving the world with his divine strength and honoring his queen.

These are the 5 keys that will help us unlock you, and we’ll customize all this 100% to where you’re at, because essentially we always work with what is alive in the moment.

Vision Initiation: Believe Your Heart-led Desires

Dive into the depths of your heart, uncovering your most authentic longings. Through my signature practice, you’ll reach the deepest you’ve ever been. By recognising your true desires and feeling them as if they have happened already, you’ll radiate with belief, motivation, and focus, setting you off for success in the long run. You’ll finally fully approve of your desires with your body and being, and what you approve of manifests.

Shadow Alchemy: Transmute Your Past into Light

Embark on a transformative journey through the shadows of your past, alchemising childhood wounds, ancestral patterns, and societal conditionings. Illuminate the shadows within, transforming fear, shame, lack of safety, not-enoughness, and unworthiness into embodied confidence and radiant love that emanates from your heart. As you become more compassionate and potent, your presence and leadership will reach a new level.

Gifts Unearthed: Embody Your True Purpose

Reconnect with your innate gifts and purpose, feeling deeply embodied, flowing with life, and knowing you’re on the right path. Your gifts and purpose become apparent when you integrate your shadows because your gifts are developed through what you experienced, and now it’s finally your time to shine with your light. Through somatic practices, you’ll embody the unique value you bring into the world as a way of being and as an expression of who you are and your service.

Energy and Intuition Mastery

Learn how to channel the energy in your body to cultivate your creativity and tap into realms from where the most pioneering new ideas are birthed. Being a clear channel, you’ll feel a union within between your feminine and masculine energies and will be able to tap into each of them and the unified energy. You’ll radiate life force energy and know how to generate more and channel it into your creations and relationships in a balanced way (giving - receiving). You’ll have a daily relationship with your intuition for precise guidance and direction. I’ve had clients tap into an idea by trusting their intuition despite not seeing financial gains, proving it can replace their primary income.

Conscious Creation: Be a part of Life’s Symphony and create Unity

A union within births union without. You will make your contribution to the collective because it comes from your clear, intuitive guidance, with heart and body on board! Through implementation, going for what you desire, and playing in life through ways of being, and how you show up in relationships is where the deep integration happens. One step at a time, you create your highest vision. We’ll be tuning you just like an instrument so you can be a part of life’s beautiful symphony and serve through your gifts and love with a whole heart as all your dreams come true.

Are you ready to unlock your full potential and thrive in meaningful, rewarding work by addressing the unconscious limitations?

Picture being liberated from internal barriers that hinder your success and fulfillment, feeling confident and assertive, and embracing your true worth. With an expanded capacity for love, you'll feel greater compassion and collective purpose.

Would you like to trust your intuition more and resist life itself less?

Discover and embody your body's wisdom. Deeply trust yourself and your intuition for guidance, making powerful choices that serve your holistic success. Trust your gifts and capabilities to stop self-sabotage and create what you truly desire. By following your intuition, you can save time by avoiding pursuits that are not right for spending more time with your family and doing what you enjoy.

And finally, expand into embodying your gifts and your highest expression.

Through the alchemical process of shadow to gift, you’ll feel more embodied in your gifts and purpose than ever. Create a union between the feminine and masculine energies, and reflect this balance in all aspects of your life. Know the desires of your heart as you attend to them and radiate your light into your creations, relationships, and the collective.


Unlike any other, this program ignites your true passions while creating more time, freedom and joy. As you turn, past hurts become catalysts for love, purpose, and wealth. This unique approach allows you to fully embody your authentic desires, natural energy blueprint, and power to hold more love, joy, and wealth without burning out or sabotaging yourself.


Take the first step towards unlocking your full potential and creating your desired life by booking your Free Connection Call. This call will clarify your heart-led vision, identify your blocks, and explore how my coaching and tools can support you on your journey.


I’m truly looking forward to connect with you and serving you through my gifts, in ways that your life will profoundly change to better and you’ll get to break through and rise high and for the long-term.

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