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I guide humans to unlock inner wealth and reclaim their power, worth & love


Meet  Klementina

Creator + Visionary
For a Heart-Centered Humanity

Shadow Integration Guide
Intuitive Creation Coach

Klementina's journey is one of resilience and conscious growth.


Overcoming childhood beliefs of inadequacy, she transcended limitations to lead a heart-centered business and orchestrate multimillion-dollar projects.


With 11+ years of global experience, she excelled in negotiating contracts and spearheading initiatives for Fortune 500 companies like Deutsche Post DHL.

In the nonprofit sector, she made a global impact by elevating UN Environment initiatives with innovative fundraising and blue economy alliances.


Her personal investment in uncovering unconscious beliefs and traumas led to the development of the HeartLight Awakening method, empowering individuals through somatic shadow work, parts work, intuitive guidance, and deep coaching.

Klementina now guides leaders to embody their authentic essence, heal deep-seated patterns, and align with their innate gifts. Her transformative coaching helps individuals reclaim their worth and power, unlocking their gifts to make a significant impact without sacrificing health, relationships, or wealth.


Klementina is dedicated to fostering heart-led evolution and empowering people to act from a place of love.

Through my work, I guide entrepreneurs and conscious leaders in removing internal barriers to holistic success and fulfillment while increasing their capacity for holding more of what they desire.

Are you ready to...

Release Inner Blocks and Own Your Worth

Liberate your body and mind from triggers and inner limitations, allowing for a fluid and unrestricted flow of energy. Reclaim your worth and confidence, embracing your unique essence and value.

Trust Your Inner Guidance
Develop a deep connection to your intuition for clear guidance and confident decision-making. Access a powerful inner compass that leads you towards your true desires and highest path
Embody Your Gifts & Purpose

Transform past challenges and shadows into embodied gifts and purpose, deepening your connection with your heart. Rediscover your inner radiance and unleash your full potential as you embody your uniqueness and shine brightly in the collective.

Create with Purpose and Precision

Utilize your gifts and intuition to create with clarity and intention. Experience the joy of aligned action as you bring your visions to life. Let your creativity flow effortlessly, guided by your inner wisdom and embodied pleasure.

Heart Outline


I am creating and I relate to others in a very meaningful way through my medium

I’ve been cracked open. I’m not worried about creating anymore, I am creating and I relate to others in a very meaningful way through my medium. I feel a stream of energy has opened, by opening to my emotions, and embracing my fears. There’s so much more acceptance of life events and I have skills and tools to be ok even when a challenging thing happens. I get now why people do this work. There’s no chance in the world I can be taken down from my vibration, I understand on a deep level that it all comes from me now. It’s like a superpower, I have a choice. My relationship with food has changed, I'm listening to my body, I accept others as opposed to trying to change them, I express my needs and I feel embodied in my gifts. I am also receiving a lot in terms of energy exchange, and even $$$. It’s just fabulous, this journey has been incredible.

IMG_256C8C42122D-1 2.jpeg

- Jessica Brown, Writer  2023

UnifiedHeart: Transcend Shadows into Gifts,
Activate Your Heart’s Light, and
Create with Intuition

- 6 Months

UnifiedHeart is a transformative 6-month journey designed to help you unlock your full potential.


We’ll tailor the journey to your unique needs, completely bespoke ensuring your profound transformation.

Here are the key pillars:

Vision Initiation

Dive deep into your heart to uncover and fully embrace your true desires, setting the foundation for long-term success and fulfillment.

Shadow Alchemy

Transform past wounds and limitations into sources of confidence and radiant love, enhancing your compassion and leadership.

Gifts Unearthed

Reconnect with your innate gifts and purpose through somatic practices, embodying your unique value and expressing it fully in the world.

Energy and Intuition Mastery

Channel your body’s energy to cultivate creativity and balance, while developing a daily relationship with your intuition for precise guidance and decision-making.

Conscious Creation

Integrate your inner and outer worlds to contribute meaningfully to the collective, creating your highest vision step-by-step and harmonizing your actions with your deepest desires.


Let’s Imagine Together

Close your eyes, tap into your heart and imagine…

Waking up each day fully aligned, clear on your priorities, and guided by your intuition with precision.


You feel inspired by your work, knowing it reflects your essence which is where you can make the greatest contribution, and you get to receive financial abundance, while having space and time for just being.

Imagine how your inner alignment helps you be more present and embrace joy and play, creating deeper connection and intimacy with yourself and your loved ones.


Your relationships nourish you, you feel seen and valued. You have the capacity for presence, love and play.

Imagine receiving inner guidance with precision and making bold moves that transform your entire game. 

Imagine feeling like a magnet to all you desire, in the flow of life and connected to your heart.


This feels like being fluid and liberated in your body, expansive from within, alive, and abundant.


You are un$uckwithable, with your entire being open to the gifts meant for you. You know your priorities and are in charge of your vibrant and magnetic energy.

I assist you in becoming who you are. So you can shine your light on the collective journey while living your best life. 


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