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Ovarian Wisdom:
Tap into Feminine Receptivity through Creative Ovarian Energy

A practice worth a lifetime of inner exploration, feminine awakening, intuitive mastery, and learning profound Taoist teachings.

What if you could tap into your feminine receptive energy, and create the success you dream of, free from stress and busyness?  



Through this potent experiential event, you will:


Alchemize the 3 feminine receptivity blocks through the body.


Create space in your body, so you can receive more from life, free from working hard and busy-ness. Which feels like taking a fresh breath of air, a surrender into life's magic, with deep faith in your path.

Connect with your creative feminine potential deeper than you ever imagined,

in a way that you feel tapped into your feminine energy, and ancient power, which has a touch of softness.

Learn to harness energy which is stored in your ovaries, feeling vibrant, creative and magnetic from within.

Learn how to channel ovarian energy into higher states of consciousness, to connect with your higher wisdom.


You'll receive tools to use anytime to neutralize pressure, stress, anxiety and overwhelm into pleasurable leadership and feminine receptivity.


‘The practices Klementina taught me were the first ones that were sustainable in the long run. I have much more energy now, I feel more free in my body and in my self-expression and I am not afraid to take up space. I felt the positive effects in all areas of my life, I am connected to myself and able to balance my feminine and masculine energies. I learned to listen to the signals in my body and my intuition and feel my feelings. I feel more receptive and I attract more aligned things, I landed my dream job and I let life flow through me more easily and for that, I’ll be forever grateful. 

- Felicia Hack

Here are some tangible results my clients have been reporting:


 Increase your overall energy in a way that feels pleasurable and expansive

Beyond pushy, do-do-do energy, and watch how you create more results over time.

Tap into your feminine receptivity through the body, feeling magnetic, sensual, and creative


Feel deep safety in your body and let yourself be supported

Beyond patterns of control, over-working, over-performing, over-giving, perfectionism, and doing it all yourself because you can do it best

Feel deep trust in your heart in a way that your gifts can shine through from a space of love and faith

Beyond fear of rejection and scarcity

Create a union of your yin (receiving the intuition and inspiration) and yang energy (self-trust and execution) 


Receive precise guidance from your intuition and learn to trust your body 


Honor your body and the purpose-led success you’re calling in

Beyond playing small, constant stress, and being stuck in cycles of powerlessness or postponement of your desires


Being receptive to the masculine, money, and intuitive guidance, free from over-perofming and over-giving, finally receiving with ease

This is for you if:

You're a high-achieving woman, who has created 'traditional' success, and you have also realized it was at the expense of your body, and your feminine essence which holds the key to your deepest desires.

You are willing to find ways to work aligned with your body, heart and natural energy, while still creating the big success + wealth you desire.

It's time to decouple success + working hard, through tapping into your most potent essence for creation and magnetizing.

What is included?

  1. 1 x 90 min experiential group session - RECORDING (100 EUR value)

  2. Lifetime access (44 EUR value)

  3. Support from Klementina for 1 week to ask clarifying questions over WhatsApp (80 EUR value)



Your investment is just just 44 EUR.




Once you purchase this product you will receive a link in a document, which will give you direct access to the practice.

FAQs, if you still have some questions 1. Do I have to attend live to get the benefits? No, you will be able to receive the full benefit of watching the replay which you will receive within 24 hours. 2. How will this help me with my busy schedule and demanding work/business? You’ll learn how to be in balance in your body, generate energy, and circulate your energy in a more refined and sustainable way, being able to switch off from yang energy and be in your nourishing yin energy for creativity, receptivity and nourishing your feminine body, and harmonize both to work in union. 3. What if some of my feminine organs are removed? No problem, we work with the energetic blueprint of the organ, and you’ll get to reconnect and possibly create some massive shifts in your body. 4. Does it work for women who are in menopause and postmenopause? Yes, you will get to cultivate more feminine energy which is really important for your vitality, balancing your hormones, and even reconnecting to your sexual energy and feeling increased personal power. 5. Can I join if I’m pregnant? Yes, the practice we will do is mild and suitable for pregnant women, but do let Klementina know prior to starting as there might be slight adjustments for you. 6. Will I be able to feel the energy if I’ve not done energy work? Yes, you connect to your own body’s wisdom and ovarian energy.

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